Forgiveness [NaPoWriMo Day 2]

I only see you through photographs
Beautiful and majestic
But in a land, distant
Your cries for help fall short
Maybe the ocean drowns them
Swallowing them whole
Like it did, your home

You see, I was only a child
When I learnt to turn a blind eye
To the suffering I couldn’t see
Unaware that the consequences
Of my actions couldn’t see borders
They could fly across the land
And swim across the seas
Taking from you
Everything you’ve known
Your food, your home, your life

All I do now is hope
With every fiber of my being
That you don’t leave
Like many before you
Who have stained my hands crimson

Here I stand, heart heavy from what I can’t undo,
Will you forgive me for the ways I have wronged you?


Disclaimer: Featured image photographed by Paul Nicklen. I claim no copyright on the image, and no copyright violations were intended. 

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