The Girls at Medak Fort

Ever Wandering Feet

Last weekend, I decided to go on a solo tour of Medak, a small village-town, about 110 km from the city of Hyderabad. This is the first time I ever went somewhere alone, and I loved every bit of it. Exploring a place on your own has a charm about it. It is an exhilarating feeling and I’d recommend every person to travel alone at least once, even if it is a short one day trip like mine.

I had a very interesting experience on this trip. I met three girls at Medak fort, who were studying nursing in a nearby college. We started talking, and all three of them were so fascinated with my stories about my work, and travelling, and how I’m so independent. We spoke for a long time, about me, their studies, and their families. I took them for some tea, and they took me to…

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Things to do in Singapore

Singapore, the Lion City, has a little something for everyone. Here’s my list of the must-dos in the city –



1. Visit Sands Skypark Observation Deck

In my opinion, this is the first thing that you should do in the city. The Sands Skypark Observation Deck, situated on top of the Marina Bay Sands Tower 3, offers a splendid view of the city. And the deck also has information about all the significant places you can see from different view points.
The ticket to the observation deck costs $23 SGD, which is cheaper than the Singapore flyer. This is also be better than any half-day city tours you might be planning.

Fun Fact: You can also see the Batam and Pulau Bintan islands of Indonesia from the observation deck

2. See the laser show at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza

There is a free laser show at the Event Plaza in front of the Marina Bay Sands. It’s a beautiful show with a captivating story-line, and you must definitely watch it at least once.


3. Visit Gardens by the Bay

If gardens are your thing, Gardens by the Bay are a must-visit! There are two greenhouses in the garden, as you can see from the image above (taken from the Sands Skypark OD); The Cloud Forest and The Flower Dome. The gardens are also home to the magnificent and futuristic Supertrees.
The Cloud Forest replicates the temperatures of the tropical mountains, thanks to the astounding waterfall, the cooling jet vapors and the regulated air conditioner. Due to the temperature, it hosts a wide range of tropical flowers and plants. The waterfall in the center of the dome is quite magnificent and will have you reaching for your jacket. So be sure to carry one!
The Flower Dome houses a wide variety of plants from all over, and is a dream come true for every garden-lover.
If you’re on a tight budget, feel free to just walk through the rest of the garden and enjoy the view. However, I do recommend that you accommodate at least The Cloud Forest into your schedule. The walk inside the dome is absolutely breath-taking and worth every penny.


4. Visit Universal Studios

This obviously goes without saying. You cannot leave Singapore without visiting Universal Studios.  From the high thrill Mummy and Transformers rides, to the nostalgic Madagascar river ride, and the Shrek 4D adventure, you’re going to absolutely love this magical place!

5. Visit Night Safari, River Safari, Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park

Yes, you must visit all 4! And try to catch as many special shows as you can. They are absolutely astounding. The main highlight of the river safari though, were the Red pandas and the giant pandas. So if you have no interest in them, you can skip this park. But I highly recommend visiting all the other 3.


6. Visit the S.E.A. Aquarium in Sentosa

This magnificent aquarium is home to more than 100,000 species of marine life, and it provides a breathtaking experience. It’s difficult to take in all the beauty in the place, and once you’re in, you won’t feel like leaving. We spent a good 3-4 hours in the aquarium and still couldn’t get enough of it.
The aquarium has feeding sessions in lots of exhibits, so if you want to see it, be sure to check the timings beforehand.


7. Visit the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia

This bridge leads to the southernmost point of Continental Asia. It has two towers which you can climb to see the ships sailing on the strait, towards, what I assume, was the Indian Ocean. It’s place you can proudly claim to have visited!


8. Take a walk down Orchard Street

We visited Singapore around Christmas, and Orchard street was covered in beautiful lights all over. It was a wonderful sight around Christmas, but I hear it is equally beautiful all year round. So when you want to take a break, put on shoes and take a refreshing stroll down Orchard Street.


9. Try the Milo Dinosaur at Newton Food Centre

Of course trying a famous local drink also counts as a thing to do! You can’t go to Singapore and not try the delicious Milo Dinosaur. Yes, it is made from Milo, the chocolate malt powder. The ice cold beverage also has a topping of the malt powder on top of the drink, and if you love to eat malt, it is definitely your kind of beverage.

Signing off, with my Sinagpore travel adventure, urging you to go and make one for yourself 🙂



He spoke of a God unseen,
A messenger of his desires.
Underneath that mask,
Lay a soul, black as coal.
His shadow, an epidemic.
It encroached all around him,
The fire, bringing a deeper darkness.
And as the light left their eyes,
They looked for solace,
To the God unseen.
The unseen, who sees nothing.
The ashes left behind,
The crimson of innocence,
As we slaughter our own,
In the name of love.
Yet, again I hope,
That the lights keep burning,
Just a little bit longer.
Maybe this time,
I’ll find a reason to believe.

The night on the rooftop

The night today, is as dark as can be
Not a sound to be heard
Not a shadow to be seen

Just silence, as we sit on the rooftop
And you draw back into your shell
A shell, that wouldn’t be
If you could see what I see
Oh, the world is a cruel place
But you, you make it beautiful
Magic, that’s what you are
A scintillating spark of madness

Your eyes paint a world, that knows no pain
And your voice, a symphony of words
In your heart, you hold a light
That the dark fears to touch
And that snaggle toothed smile
That smile of yours, stops time

So break that shell, step out now
As life grabs you by the hand
And plummets you down
Brush it off, and face the climb
And in your stride, take it all
Just one step at a time

And in your palms, you will hold
Your dreams, that were too big
As you rise, and stumble and fall
And brush it off and start again

In silence
We sit on the rooftop
And in silence I wait
As you break down your walls

The night today, is beautiful as can be
Not a sound to be heard
Not a shadow to be seen

The Beautiful and Terrible World – Slam Poetry

This is my first poetry for which many people deserve credit. It was a group effort, which turned out beautifully! Written by me and Elaine (do visit her blog here!), scrutinized and modified by Niharika, and all the moral support provided by Stuti, here’s another addition to our overflowing Flatmate Goals!

Another beautiful day!                                                                                 Another terrible day!

What’s so beautiful about
Wars and blood baths?

Wars are also waged for good
For change, and everyday
Is better than the last!

Good? The world has locked away
All the good it once knew
And the demons that they created
Are right in front of you!
Everywhere I see is anguish,
Pain, sorrow and despair!
Nothing ever seems fair!

What is not fair?
You see those little kids
Filled with hopes and dreams?
They have so much 
To offer to the world!

They? They grow up!
And all their hope is leeched
Right out of them
And their dreams are crumbled 
Into a million pieces!

Yes! They grow up.
To fight for what is right, 
To remove traces of sorrow, 
To strive for peace,
To abolish evil.
They speak!

And they are shot
Right in the head!
Their throats cut through.
Their voices silenced forever.

Their voices made a difference
It’s their acts of kindness and sacrifice
Which ignites a spark in us
A positive action,
A chain reaction,
Till the whole world is alight!

And where was this light?
When she screamed for help!
No one dared to move a muscle
Nor spoke for her. Well,
She died of course!
Where was this kindness
When she was killed in the womb?
When she was left beside a garbage can!
When she was looked down upon!

But now she fights!
So, no-one suffers her fate.
She is a phoenix of justice
Reborn from the ashes
Shining brightly, smiling gently!
What’s not beautiful?
And amongst all this cynicism
People still fall madly in love.
Slowly driving the darkness away.

Love? Love is brutally murdered!
It is hunted, till slaughtered!
All in the name of religion and caste.
Love is reviled…

Yet love is alive
Why don’t you ask the ones?
Who loved and survived!
Whose hope was revived
Because their families fought for them
The world stood with them
This world has taught us
To open our arms and
Welcome love, peace and prosperity.
It has taught us that
Little girls can be warriors.
And little boys, sometimes

Just need someone
To wipe the tears off their face.

It has indeed!
Taught us that humans are humans.
The diminishing characters they are
Surpassing even the greatest demons.

No! It has taught us that
All humans are not monsters.
The nurturing goodness they have
Can uproot any evil from within!

What a terrible world!

It’s a beautiful world!

If I Could Meet Me – Slam Poetry

If I could get on a time machine
I would meet the little girl
Who was still taking life, one day at a time
Who still had her heart filled with wonder
And I would tell her to never lose that spark in her eyes
I would tell her that her hands have the power to move rocks
And that her feet were made to walk miles and climb mountains
And if she ever feels burdened
All she has to do is let go of the weights
I would tell her not everyone will stay in her life forever
And that’s okay
I would tell her not to worry if life seems bleak
Because ten years down the line, the pieces will fit together
I would tell her not to stress so much over her future
Because ten years down the line, she still won’t have the answer
But her uncertain life in her imperfect little world
Will make perfect sense to her
I would tell her never to be ashamed
To let out the child within her heart
I would tell her that she’d never be old enough for cartoons
And that her little bed, crowded with her favorite stuffed toys
Will still always have enough place for her and her big dreams
I would tell her never to lose the spark of hope in her heart
And when the world forces cynicism and defeat down her throat
Quenching her thirst to make a difference
I would tell her that a little girl with big dreams and sparkly eyes
Will be waiting for her right here

Cardboard and Kids

There are few things that give you immense satisfaction. I recently had a wonderful experience with little kids from a government school in Hyderabad running around with a Google cardboard stuck to their eyes, reveling in the joy of virtual reality for the first time in their lives.

Some of us might never understand what they felt when they were transported to a different world. For a privileged few among us, virtual reality is a means of entertainment in our free time. But for those kids, it was an experience they’ll remember all their life. They learnt about the human body by travelling through it, as a cell. And it was a sight to see them zooming around the classroom, driving their rover on the moon. And the fact that I was instrumental in providing this memorable experience to them fills my heart with unbound joy.

Children do find everything in nothing, and make you wonder why you haven’t been paying enough attention to marvel at that nothingness. As adults, what we learnt in that classroom was very different. It was everything that we knew as kids, but had pushed it somewhere in the dark corners of our mind as we grew up.

The experience had as much impact on me as it did on the kids. And I hope I carry the learning with me throughout my life, just like I hope they will.

Goodbye, dear father

When I saw you today,
When I saw you, lifeless
I thought back to fonder days

When you held my hand
And taught me how to walk
When you carried me around
Proudly, on your shoulders
When you hugged me
Every time you came home from work
When you taught me all
You thought I should know

As time took its toll
We did grow apart
But the fondness in my heart
Never went away

And today, you left
Without a goodbye
And all we have left
Are memories
But every time we think of you,
Dear father, we’ll think of you
Only with love

As you lie there, lifeless
I fight back tears
I have to be strong now
For mother, for myself

But don’t you worry
This too, shall pass
And I’ll be the brave little boy
You raised me up to be

So goodbye, dear father
Don’t you worry now
We have each other
And you, in our hearts

Goodbye, dear father
Rest in peace, now

Two of my friends recently lost their fathers. This poem is dedicated to both of them. I’m sure this poem didn’t do justice to how you must have felt, and I apologize for that.

I can’t even begin to comprehend what you would have gone through. But all I can do is assure you, that this too shall pass.  

Life Update

I’m alive!

I haven’t been blogging for a while now, all credits to the fact that I’m now a working individual (read corporate slave). A corporate slave, who spends a lot of time playing Foosball and Pool. If I’ve spoken to you since I started working, you would know how much I love my office. I agree I don’t have a basis for comparison, but I love it. I don’t hate my job either (*gasps*). Sure, sometimes I get a little tired, and I still look forward to the weekends so I can watch movies, relax, play games and go out. But I also look forward (most of the time) to the weekdays so I  get to learn new things, talk to people and code! I might not be an outstanding coder, or the best at grasping new concepts, but I enjoy doing it.

There’s not a lot more to life right now. A little work, a little fun. My new blogging aim is to try and start the monthly movie wrap-ups again. Or make it bi-monthly. But I will write! This post was just to tell you all that I haven’t disappeared from the face of the earth.

That’s all folks! Have a great upcoming weekend.