I am a Microsoft hire

What? Microsoft?

I still have nightmares about campus placements. This post comes a little late because of that. It has been 3 days now, since I got placed at Microsoft, but it still hasn’t completely sunk in. Just yesterday, I was travelling in a bus when I remembered I have a job now and started creepily smiling to myself. I’m sure the other passengers wrote me off as a deranged lunatic.

Microsoft. All of a sudden, I’m a part of the largest software company in the world. How am I supposed to digest that in 3 days?

All right. Let me start at the beginning.

You can read the technical details of my interview at Coding Trysts.

August 4 was the day we had our online MCQs and coding tests. To be very honest, I wasn’t expecting I’ll get through them. But somehow mysteriously (I swear I’m not a witch. I wish I were, though. Ah, Hogwarts. Hoggy Warty Hogwarts), I did.  So I was all set for a group discussion on August 7. Turns out the group coding, or group fly as it was called, was an individual round for us and a group round for the Microsoft team. Yeah. They called it a group fly because one member of the panel had to look at the codes of 6 candidates. We had no discussion about the questions at all. But I wasn’t going to slim my chances by arguing with their logic. So I went on to code individually in the group fly round. After waiting outside from 2 p.m to 7 p.m, people who hadn’t had their interviews for MSIDC yet (I was unfortunately a part of that group) were told to go back. I still don’t know how the slots were closed or people whose interviews had to be taken were selected. After waiting for 5 hours, this was a hard slap on the face. But I have learnt to let bygones be bygones. My name was also in the list for MSIT, and so I went and took another group fly round for this division. Again, miraculously I had cleared this round. It was already 9.20 p.m. and we were extremely hungry, thanks to skipping all our meals waiting to be called for the interview, only to be sent back. So we were given a dinner break and went back for technical interviews at 10. My interview went very well. That was the only period in the entire day when I forgot all about my feverish body. Some adrenaline rush cured my sore throat for those 20 minutes or so, and I soared through. Another hurdle crossed (Woohoo!). At 11 p.m, the panel came up with the brilliant idea of continuing the interviews the next day. I was so tired! I thought I would just drop dead on my bed. But to quote a song by Backstreet Boys, dedicated to my interviewer (yes, I like that band. *NOSTALGIA*) –

I tried to sleep
But the clock was stuck on thoughts of you and me

So I just couldn’t. I decided to make the best out this, hoping sleep, my BFF, wouldn’t come meet me during my interview the next day. I prepared myself for an ordeal. And it came as a seemingly unimpressed interviewer during my final round. CGPA – *poker face*
Projects – *poker face*
I thought I was done. I packed my bags and left for class. You can confirm with my classmates. I told myself that there is no chance I’m going to land that job. So I didn’t even bother checking my phone. Somewhere during the second class, my classmates who did check their phones told me I was being called to the placement department. After being shouted at by my teacher (Placement season! Sorry, ma’am), I ran to the placement office. And I found out I had been selected. That is how I landed the unexpected offer.

Do I really deserve to be there?
I don’t know. I know there are lots of people around me who are smarter, score better and know much more than I do. I certainly am neither the biggest nerd, nor the biggest geek around. But I did land that job, so I must be doing something right. Or, it was just my day.

As I said in the beginning, it still hasn’t completely sunk in. I don’t know when it will. But I don’t know how I’m going to wait a whole year! Ah, well, let’s see what patience brings.

Dog’s Own Hell

Man has decided he doesn’t need a best friend any more, and definitely not one of those furry little good-for-nothing creatures who just run around barking and yapping all day. Of course, it’s okay if you buy/adopt a good, playful dog, teach him to be obedient and stay quiet and follow your orders. But those filthy mud-covered strays? They listen to no-one. They are all extremely aggressive and will attack you first chance they get. IMG-20140824-WA0002 IMG-20141219-WA0018 Who in their right minds would ever want to go near them? IMG-20140409-WA0012 Jpeg So it’s a good thing that ‘God’s own Country‘ is turning into ‘Dogs’ own Hell‘, right? The Chief Minister of Kerala, O. Chandy, has given orders for dog culling despite strong oppositions.

Culling is the act of reducing population by selective slaughter.

See, that doesn’t sound inhumane at all. So what is this selection going to be based on? Aggressiveness. Stray dogs are being captured, spayed and neutered, but those conceived to be ‘dangerous’ are to be euthanized. Now according to the law, only incurably ill and mortally wounded dogs as diagnosed by a qualified veterinarian can be euthanized. If a dog is found to have rabies, he must be allowed to die a natural death in isolation.  But when you’re the Chief Minister, why do you have to care about what the law says? CKMLafaUkAEkjT9 Inhumane-Culling-Shopping-list-1.1 Why was this harsh step taken? According to Chandy, the dog menace had spiralled out of control, with 40,000 reported dog bites in 2015. However, according to CNN,

Dr. Manilal Valliyate, director of veterinary affairs for PETA India, said that many of the alarming figures on dog bites circulated by the Indian media should be taken with a pinch of salt. ‘Even if it’s a snake, dog or cat bite, everything is put into one; (they’re) not categorized if it’s a stray or domesticated animal, or with rabies or not’.

Is culling a good idea? For the sake of a ‘reasonable’ explanation, let’s leave morality out of this. Let’s say that human lives are definitely far more important than dangerous animals who must be put down to save our kind, no matter the moral implications. Will culling work now? It has been tried in different countries before, but it DOES NOT work. The reason? Dogs, who are descendants of wolves, are territorial animals. When one dog vacates his territory, other canines rush in to occupy his place. So unless you plan on eradicating the entire stray dog population, this won’t help you get rid of them. The only proven method to help in this situation is vaccination and birth control. Is Kerala the first city to face this menace? No. Kerala is definitely not the first city in India to face this perceived dog threat. Jaipur adopted the Animal Birth Control model, and by December 2002, the incidence of rabies had fallen to zero. Unlike India’s most literate city, they did not approve mass killing of dogs. Reports from Kerala The government is saying that unreasonable killing will not take place and only dangerous dogs will be put to sleep. But this is not the first time Kerala has resorted to killing dogs. According to reports, dogs in Kerala are killed using inhumane methods like poisoning and being beaten to death in the name of tourism. From the various oppositions, Chandy’s obstinacy definitely is not going to work for a better Kerala.