May Movie Wrap-up

I watched too many movies in May. Well, college ended! So I decided to do a May Movie wrap-up for you all.
I’d love to know what you thought of all these movies 🙂

1. Captain America: Civil War

civil warThis was my most anticipated movie release in May. I was at the theater as soon as I could get a ticket and I was not disappointed at all! There were a few loopholes, but I loved the movie. I loved the fight sequences. I loved all the moral dilemma. I loved how Spider-man was funny and spot-on. I loved all the jabs the Avengers were taking at Ant-man. And I loved Chris Evans! *fangirling*




2. The Purge


Based in 2022, this movie shows an America where crime is at an all-time low because of ‘Purge Night’, during which for 12 hours, all crime is legal. The Purge is said to help humans indulge their inherent violence so they can keep their emotions in check throughout the rest of the year.

The movie has a really scary concept. Will such a system actually work?  The plot for the movie was strong. However, it showed a really weak development of characters. I prefer character-driven stories to plot-driven ones, so this movie did not make it to my must-definitely-recommend-to-people list. But it was worth a one-time watch.

3. Limitless

limitless-movie-poster-new-1I’d been wanting to watch this movie for a very long time, but I hadn’t gotten around to it till this month. And when the movie started I just couldn’t stop watching it. It was so intriguing! I would add this to my must-definitely-recommend-to-people list. I wonder if the TV show is as good.





4. A Series of Unfortunate Events


I saw this movie more than a decade after its release, that too just because I happened to be switching channels when it came on. A series of unfortunate events tells the tale of the unfortunate Baudelaire children. I found the narrator slightly funny and the actors did an impeccable job. The story was all right. Would I recommend it to you? Well, if you’re a little kid, sure! You’ll definitely enjoy it. Otherwise, not so much.




5. Predestination

predestination_ver2This was another movie I had been wanting to watch for a long time because everyone praised it. And yeah, the movie was brilliant but the whole plot was so messed up! Messed up in a good way though. After the movie ended, I was still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened. I was left with a rare sense of wonder and awe, although my mind got pretty scrambled up towards the end.

I would recommend this movie to you, especially if you like the kind where your brain always has to be active. Do not think for a minute that you can skip a few scenes and you won’t miss anything major in the movie. Watch everything, or you’re going to be completely lost!

6. The Pursuit of Happiness

downloadYes I hadn’t seen this movie till now. Don’t be shocked! I had heard so much about this movie but I just never got the chance to watch it. Until my vacations came around and I was sitting at home, looking for things to do.

I absolutely loved this movie and the father-son relationship it has portrayed. Will Smith was brilliant in it. You wouldn’t expect any less from him. Although at times it became a little too slow, it still is a definite must-watch.



7. One Day

One-Day-Poster-one-day-2011-movie-25098386-360-514I watched this movie just because it starred Anne Hathaway, and I was terribly disappointed. It was one those extremely cheesy ‘love-will-conquer-all’ romantic comedies that do not make a lot of sense. I suppose hopeless romantics would love the film, but it did not work well for me. The movie was only an hour and a half but it seemed to go on and on!

I would not recommend the movie based on the plot-line of ‘Twenty years. Two people.’, but if you are a hopeless romantic, it could be a guilty pleasure movie for you. Plus, Anne Hathaway is always a treat to watch.


8. X-Men: Apocalypse

downloadI have loved X-Men ever since I watched the first movie. Although they have a very confusing time sequence, the movies are always at least delight to watch. So was the case with this one. However, in this sequel of Days of Future Past, there was a glaring disconnect from the previous movie (Mystique and Wolverine, hello?).

The cast, however, was brilliant. I’m a fan of Olivia Munn’s acting (how can I not be after The Newsroom?). Everyone else did a good job as well. And Quicksilver, as expected, was a great comic relief.  And now, we finally have Professor X, the way we knew him. So now the story-line can only only move forward. Right?

9. Occulus

oculusI enjoy horror movies, even though I get too-scared-to-go-anywhere-alone, later that night. And this movie really scared me. It did not well, not even on a slightly happy note, so it was all the more disturbing.

“You see what it wants you to see”





10. The Visit

the-visit-movie-posterThis was a thriller in the form of ‘found footage’. Do you find old people scary? Wait till you see this movie. Who needs ghosts? This movie didn’t give me sleepless nights, but it was a little disturbing to watch.

All I can say is – Be careful about who you’re living with.