Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list. And your goals become a lot clearer when you pen down your bucket list and keep it safe where you won’t lose it. Also, it’s never complete!

Here’s mine 🙂

1. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

2. Get a good job.

3. Become flexible enough for a toe-touch.

4. Adopt a dog

5. Live independently.

6. Learn to cook (?!)

7. Visit Iceland (Blue Lagoon)

8. Make memory boxes

9. Visit Disneyland, Paris

10. Visit Universal Studio, Orlando

11. Own a signed copy of Harry Potter

12. Meet Emma Watson

13. Marry for love

14. Stand up against animal abuse

15. Build a no-kill animal shelter

16. Be surprised on my birthday!

17. Surprise someone on their birthday.

18. Go Scuba diving.

19. Learn to drive

20. Donate my hair

21. Hug a Panda

22. Learn a foreign language (very well)

23. Go on a cruise

24. Run a marathon

25. See a drive-in movie

26. Sing in a karaoke

27. Spend a night at the beach

28. Ride in a hot-air balloon

29. See the Northern Lights

30. Donate blood

31. Fly first-class

32. Travel alone

33. Backpack across Europe

34. Tour of a vineyard with grape stomping

35. Eat a rainbow cake

36. See the Ellen Show live

37. Attend a comic-con in a costume

38. Finish a book in one sitting

39. Have a 24 hour readathon

40. Buy something nice for my family with my first salary

41. Ride a ropeway

42. See snowfall

43. Go skiing

44. Meet Chris Evans (and give him a hug :D)

45. Be in a room full of puppies

What I learnt from my bucket list: 
I need money!