Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list. And your goals become a lot clearer when you pen down your bucket list and keep it safe where you won’t lose it. Also, it’s never complete!

Here’s mine ūüôā

1. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

2. Get a good job.

3. Become flexible enough for a toe-touch.

4. Adopt a dog

5. Live independently.

6. Learn to cook (?!)

7. Visit Iceland (Blue Lagoon)

8. Make memory boxes

9. Visit Disneyland, Paris

10. Visit Universal Studios, Orlando

11. Own a signed copy of Harry Potter

12. Marry for love

13. Build a no-kill animal shelter

14. Be surprised on my birthday!

15. Surprise someone on their birthday.

16. Go Scuba diving.

17. Learn to drive

18. Donate my hair

19. Hug a Panda

20. Learn a foreign language (very well)

21. Learn another language spoken in India

22. Go on a cruise

23. Run a marathon

24. See a drive-in movie

25. Sing in a karaoke

26. Spend a night at the beach

27. Ride in a hot-air balloon

28. See the Northern Lights

29. Donate blood

30. Fly first-class

31. Go on a solo trip

32. Backpack across Europe

33. Tour of a vineyard with grape stomping

34. Eat a rainbow cake

35. See the Ellen Show live

36. Attend a comic-con in a costume

37. Finish a book in one sitting

38. Have a 24 hour readathon

39. Buy something nice for my family with my first salary

40. Ride a ropeway

41. See snowfall

42. Go skiing

43. Meet Chris Evans (and give him a hug :D)

44. Be in a room full of puppies

What I learnt from my bucket list: 
I need money!